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Novio Research – Products

It is possible to obtain a Brand Report for your brand, with complimentary options of one of the below modules:


BearingPoint – Services


CCDNA Brand Report (when your brand is in the benchmark study) 

In this brand-specific report we benchmark your brand to its own category as well as other categories. These quantitative results are supplemented with quotes from customer experiences and advice for optimization. Including the overall learnings about what is most important for creating a customer centric experience in relation to the Keynote theme 2016 “Customer or Partner? – How to involve your customers in your business?”.

BearingPoint Marketing Effectiveness Monitor

The Marketing Effectiveness Monitor provides insights into your organisation’s marketing activities. For each activity, both for multi channels as well as for products, insight is provided in the allocation of costs and returns. Based on this knowledge your channels and products can be optimised and used more efficiently. You will receive a custom dashboard in which all marketing activities including their results are presented in a concise matter. 

CCDNA Customer module – Understanding your customers!

When your brand is not in the benchmark study, you can use the CCDNA design to gain specific insight into the customer groups that are important for your business. All we need is a predefined customer file. You will receive a customized report for your brand.

Customer Segmentation

Different customers have different wants and needs and therefore need a different approach. With our Analytical Customer Segmentation approach customers are automatically divided into segments based on a customized mix of attributes. These segments form a starting point from which, amongst others, more effective sales strategies can be developed and focused marketing techniques can be applied.

CCDNA Touch Points module – Steering your processes!

By applying CCDNA files of the clients who have been in recent contact with a touch point of your brand, we can show the contribution of the various touch points to the customer experience. That way you know where to focus your activities internally. You will receive a customized report based on the delivery of an additional customer base.

Customer Profiling

Identification of your customer is of vital importance in the development of new products, using the right marketing channels and determining the optimal price. Using our Customer Profiling technique we map how your customers will respond to modifications in price and measure their loyalty towards your organization. This technique can be applied to both clients moving between the offline and online space and clients moving in and out of your companies customer group. The result provides hands-on information to determine client value and capture the untapped potential.

CCDNA Competition module – Why they are not your customers?

Through our benchmark study we not only have access to the customers of your organization but also to the customers of your main competitors. This allows us to find out, with an additional survey, if it is the market situation or the brand perception that is the cause for people not becoming clients of your organization. You will receive a tailor made report containing an analysis on how to pull customers from competition to your brand.

CCDNA Employee module – How customer centric is your internal organisation?

Employees play a vital role in customer-focused companies, but is your organization sufficiently equipped? Ask your employees if they feel able to work customer-focused and if they are aware of the company’s strategy. Do they encounter any barriers in their daily work that you can help solve? By benchmarking their knowledge, opinions and experiences with the Novio Research Employee Scan benchmark you know how to steer the organisation even better on customer centricity. Findings can range to the improvement of practical points to the recommendation of a new strategic way of working.

CCDNA Monitor – Keep the customer experience alive!

Would you like to keep using a validated model to monitor the customer centricity of your organization? In that case the CCDNA Monitor is the ideal solution. It allows you to maintain the customer experience on the agenda. If your brand is in the benchmark study you take benefit from this sample. For the other measurements we need to receive client files. The customer stories that are shared in the storytelling keep the internal customer focus alive.

For questions about the benchmark study or about the participation possibilities please contact Novio Research:

Emil Fraai (, tel: 06-51013791)

Hans de Jong (, tel: 06-14778747)

For more information about the services described above, please contact BearingPoint:

John Poppelaars (, tel: 06-10896456)

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